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Altrincham Arts Festival
Artist Residency at A-Insurance

Over the last 2 years the Creative Arts industry has been unable to operate at any kind of capacity. Artists across the world have been unable to work due to covid restrictions.

In the UK statistics show a £74 billion drop for creative industries. Many of these artists are freelance and the impact on the Greater Manchester creative sector has been catastrophic. Writers, Performers, Musicians, Visual artists, media artists, art makers, photographers and film makers have all been drastically affected.

Altrincham Arts Festival want to change this! Over a period of  10-month the festival will bring over 50 artists and various businesses together to create a cultural programme. Festival director Jyothi Kuna wants to bring some fun and enjoyment back into the heart of Altrincham. Bringing arts into non-traditional spaces collaborating with independent venues/businesses. The festival will be an experiment. We will be running from mid-March -December 2022.

The theme of the festival is 'SHIFT' -an attempt to elevate the mood and recovery from covid
restrictions to a positive transition of change -of hope- in a safe space for our audiences.

My collaboration and residency it with A-Plan Insurance

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