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Human. Nature

30 Sept  - 20 Nov 2022


Venessa Scott presents a brand-new solo exhibition that considers what the world of fungi can teach us about being human through the observation of connected nodes and mycelium networks. Venessa is interested in drawing parallels with nature so we can contemplate what we can learn from the world around us and how it influences our everyday lives.

The exhibition brings together a series of smaller scale paintings that inform a larger-scale mural. The works explore the mystery, power and untapped potential of vast networks of fungi that extend around our planet. Fungi are cited as one of the first complex life forms and Venessa takes inspiration from how they are intrinsically linked to the human experience and critical for life to survive on earth.


14 April - 22 May 2022



"This new collection of work on display here at Longsight Art Space is also a first for Venessa. A series of intimate portraits, with no audience participating in its making. She has drawn from those who inspire and motivate her creative process – family, a community of Manchester creatives and global cultural icons. The celebration of these people is a hyperchromatic collage of patterns. They are rich and include words, shapes, and marks made with both digital and analogue tools.

Venessa draws people into her creative process, giving them the opportunity to be part of her work. In curating this collection, it was important to continue her generosity. The artist invites you to sit within her world of saturated colour and to be amongst the people she holds dear. Here you can come, sit, rest or play."

Installation: Mancara Jack

1 Oct - 30 March 2021
Tony Wilson Place


Venessa Scott brightens up HOME with a brand-new mural reflecting on the importance and impact of people of colour in the UK.

“Mancara Jack” was created especially for Black History Month. The mural boasts the artist’s bold Mancara patterns which are Ankara-inspired designs… to create a familiar yet vivid statement that connects to the importance of representation.

Together We Are...

3 June 2021 - Ongoing
Push Festival


Venessa Scott presents a brand-new mural reflecting on the strength of Manchester and its people. Over the past 18 months, the city has been shaken by a wide range of challenges, but through these times Manchester has stayed vibrant, resilient, and united as a city.

The mural depicts abstract human forms, connected by their alliance to one another. Venessa’s work takes interest in exploring shared experiences, to advocate for the importance of empathy, unity and support in our community


May - July 2021
Stretford Public Hall Residency


ELEVATE is an artist residency and community art project based at Stretford Public Hall that aims to elevate and celebrate the artistic talents of underrepresented people through art workshops, creative opportunities and exhibitions.

Venessa Scott is our artist in residence; a prolific public artist who loves bright colours, bold patterns and working with communities. Venessa was given creative freedom to be playful with new artistic ideas and explore topics that are meaningful to her. Venessa has been based in our artist studios since April and has spent the time daydreaming, drawing, designing and making new art works that reflect on her personal and shared experience of the Black Lives Matter movement. Venessa has also been delivering workshops with local people.

Producer: Jessica Loveday