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Update Four -International Women's Day - Quays TV Compilation and Interview

For a Future of Equality. I Choose to Challenge.

So, I’ve been back at Salford Quays again, this time speaking as one of many Change Making Women on International Women’s Day for Quays TV.

The guests featured are made up of so many successful and vibrant women from massively diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. This includes TV presenters, company directors, café owners, Salford residents, deli owners, college students, disability correspondents, project managers, disabled women and charity members, as well as martial artists! There truly is no limit to what we can do.

In the interview, we were asked what we #choosetochallenge. I spoke about being at the intersection of gender and race as a woman of colour. As a lecturer, I was the youngest black female in my department and experienced the invisible chains and ceilings put on women of colour. I choose to challenge prejudice and not being allowed to own my achievements as a woman of colour.

It is amazing to be part of such an intelligent and inspiring group of women who are changing the narrative of our society. You can see the full video here:

What are you choosing to challenge? Let me know in the comments!

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