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A stranger made me cry today…

A stranger made me cry today simply by being kind. Their simple act of kindness; a hello and a word to lift rather than tear down or disrespect, to encourage rather than control or coerce brought tears to my eyes. However unexpected the tears, I am grateful for them and for the kind stranger as they allowed me to confront the impact of some very unkind treatment I have been experiencing lately.

I never thought of myself as an emotional painter, rather a painter who uses their abilities to bring joy and positivity to others. However as my art journey progresses, and life along side that, I find that I am enjoying the process of truly expressing myself through my work. I have used my work for others, utilised my skill to communicate and uplift. I have painted in order to elevate and showcase but today was a new step for me. Painting and creating as a sort of catharsis. A diary entry, a Polaroid of an experience that had a great impact on me.

But goodness me, if this is the only way to make art, through trauma, I would most definitely be exhausted and drained. Therefore my hope is that what was unlocked today was an ability to tap in to what I feel deeply and then be able to express that on canvas. Not just for me but so that others who may have experienced or be going through a similar time, journey, or ‘thing’ can feel seen.

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