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Important decisions and being back on set.

This week I am back on set filming for a new collection of art education films. Seventeen short episodes in total filled with colour, art techniques, exploration and play. I cannot wait!

...the incredible production team, they are hard at work doing all the things

There is a lot of prep that takes place before anyone arrives on set. For the incredible production team, they are hard at work doing all the things; writing scripts, planing shots, deciding on the creative direction, assigning talent, creating call sheets, props, prep and set. So very much. For me, the presenter, I have to prep myself and be ready to be on camera which means, I must take time learn any lines. I have to be sure that I understand the creative direction, the technical set up and what will be required of me on set; for example how many cameras will I need to engage with, what is the general tone of the piece. Then there are administrative elements such as checking my call times. I must also be visually and vocally 'camera ready' which of course, includes a super important element  for me - selecting which wild and vibrant earrings I want to wear for each episode.

I have been presenting for a few years now, across some really amazing arts and education projects and It never gets old, I love it. It's an opportunity for me to explore my passion for creative education in a way that allows me to reach people far beyond one class room. To encourage, empower, and inspire. People often ask me what piece of work I am most proud of and honestly as I reflect on that right now, aside from some of my mega murals, it has to this, my work in education, the work outside of myself. Work that allows me to have a positive impact on someone's day and their creative journey. Work that helps builds confidence in ones own ability and unique contributions. Work that helps build self belief and a sense of accomplishment in another human being. That, most definitely, is the work that I am most proud of.

Earrings / Pins: All vintage or handmade by some of my favourite creatives...

Dotto Studio

Afrayed Uocycling

Geenie Jay

Audrey & George (remixed by me)

And a pair that I made myself

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