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Update One - Box on The Docks: Unwrapped!

It was so much fun that I’d love to set up a little shop of my own, or at least do this again – maybe next year!

Today’s post is all about my Box on the Docks, a series of customised container spaces down at Media City UK. I’ve had some tough projects before and this one was a real adventure, a test of wills between me and the rain. If you know anything of my character, you’ll know I’m a determined cookie. So, despite being rained off on five occasions, painting through frost and sleet and rain, repainting sections after the colour ran overnight because it was too cold for the paint to cure… I would do it again in a heartbeat!

My box is called Festive Ferry and is inspired by an exciting encounter I had with a Dazzle ship a few years ago. I planned the design and left some space to be creative, tweaking the design as I went along – I wanted my design to speak and work with the boxes around it. I prepped my ‘canvas’ with yellow, which tones it and helps the paint on top stay bright, then painted my design using some lovely spray paints with a nice glaze. My aim, as always, was to bring joy, positivity and a great big smile to people’s day! I definitely wanted it to be a place that people enjoy spending time in, a place where they can make joyful memories that will carry them through the coldest winters and fiercest storms – I now know a thing or two about them! I never tire of this process, even though I get tired, but it is so enjoyable – and I think it is definitely confirmed that my signature colour is yellow!

As Box on the Docks artists we were given the opportunity to transform our boxes into adorable little gallery shops for a weekend before Xmas. It was a fantastic chance to sell our art, tell people about our design and have a good ol’ natter! It was of course absolutely freezing but that didn’t take away from a really fantastic day. Thanks to all who stopped by and shopped local for their Christmas presents. I hope your purchases like their new homes. It was so much fun that I’d love to set up a little shop of my own, or at least do this again – maybe next year!

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