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Black History Celebration Mural - Blue Peter

It was a fantastic October. Black History Month celebrations seem to reach new heights. I saw some amazing programming from places such as HOME Mcr and also The Stylist magazine, who produced a fantastic issue with guest editor Alicia Garza. No one would argue that it has indeed been a challenging time globally but I have found that this October was an encouraging time culturally.

One of my favourite contributions to Black History Month this year was a commission I recieved from CBBC Blue Peter where I was tasked with creating a mural that was inspired by childrens views of 'what it meant to be British in 2020 to a person on colour'. I created the mural and I also revamped the Blue Peter Badge. I had a fantastic time and yes I even earned an original Blue Peter badge myself; life goal - Achieved!

I hope that you are keeping safe and well. Have a fantastic day and if you get chance, check out a shortened verion of the live show where the mural and revamped badge are revealed. Now avaible on BBC iPlayer and YouTube x

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