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Creating makes me creative

Happy new week. If you are in the UK I hope that you have been weathering these storms okay, they have been treacherous!

I love this quote and it really rings true. Last year I completed a wonderful residency at a beautiful heritage site in the North of England . My task whilst I was there was to immerse myself in my creative practice (@venessascott_uk) to play, and to create. During this time and for the first time ever, I think, I realised that I get my ideas whilst I am being creative; That creating makes me creative. It may seem so obvious and I feel like it should be obvious to me as an creative educator, but before that time, I had always begun my creative design cycle with research, analysis, and ideas generation, rather than active creativity. Maybe this is because I have an ongoing practice of always looking and always filling up my reservoir, maybe. Consequently, rather than starting with research I simply needed a way to tap into what was already there! In any case this discovery was revolutionary to me and it is now how I start most of my creative commissions. It’s great! - How do you find your ideas? What’s the first step in your process? x

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