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L is for Letterforms

Teaching typography has always been one of my favourite things to do. I enjoy figuring out how to transform this technical and often intimidating subject matter into one that students embrace, explore, experiment with, and eventually grow to absolutely love. I love letters, I love words, and I absolutely love colour and pattern. For this workshop commission I set out to combine all these loves.

Here, I am prepping some giant letterforms that I had laser cut and painting them with wild patterns ready for one of my most glamorous workshops yet. It has often been my favourite little statement to say that “I have taught everywhere except at sea and in space” but this commission provided an exception that I missed; this workshop (my-most-glamorous-workshop-yet) is to take place on stage! And my students are to be some of the influential patrons of the arts in the UK. To summarise my feelings in a few statements I would say;

E is for Epic and Excited,

P is for Pretty darn amazing,

and I, C is for I Cannot wait!!


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