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People, pattern, and portraits.

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Happy New year subscribers and all who happen across my blog. 2022 started with me being very unwell with covid. It was horrendous but thank the Lord I am now on the mend and ready to get back to it.

Last year was both incredible and traumatic, I won’t go into all that here but check out my interview with Katy from Creative Boom to hear more about it. Instead, let’s focus on the positives. Last year was an amazing adventure of tv series, workshops attended by world famous directors, Andy Burnam, and iconic architects and business people. it saw me receiving my first theatre commission, several exciting mural commissions, lots of travel, artist residences, a new studio, and teaching my Mum how to spray paint! Plus so much more besides. It was incredible and I feel so very blessed. It is therefore really really tough to get off that high from the successes of last year and focus, but that is what my art journey is all about; reflection and progression. So that is what I am determined to do; reflect, focus, and then move forward in order to continue to grow. But really, what a year that was!

This year I have decided to divide the year into focus points. I have decided that each quarter will bring a new focus. To start the year, and as well as my regular commissions and creative commitments, I plan to combine my passion for people, pattern, and colour into a series of portraits.- I asked myself the question, ‘After a year of exploring my love for pattern and colour, what would a portrait by “Vee” look like? So I sat down and started to draw. initially I was apprehensive, I hadn’t created a portrait for quite some time but it actually wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be and the outcome surprised me quite a lot. Here is one of my favourite pieces so far. Its of Princess Arinola Adegbite “P. A. Bitez”. Princess is a Jamaican-born poet, musician, and actress, Manchester’s young creative of the year, and a member of Young Identity. Princess and I first met during my Elevate residency at Stretford public Hall and we have continued to follow each other’s creative journeys ever since. She is a beautiful individual, a fantastic person and a captivating artist. I really enjoyed creating this piece.

My grand plan therefore is…to create at least one portrait each week. The collection of portraits will aim to elevate inspiring women of colour, their beauty and thier skill, whilst exploring my love of pattern, colour, and people. I am enjoying the process so far. It is requiring a lot of discipline but its great!

Who would you create a portrait of? Who do you think I should paint next, drop me a suggestion via my contact form.

Thanks for joining me on my art journey so far and I can’t wait to hear who you suggest to be my next muse.

Have an amazing week

All best wishes

Vee xx

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