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Update Seven - Stretford Wall of Fame


Heya, I hope that you are having a fab week.

Today’s post is a little different. This is a picture of me rather than by me - as someone who has contributed to arts, culture, social and political change, I have been featured on the Stretford Wall of Fame.

The Wall of Fame is designed to be “a walk-through of our area’s special people – from all walks of life and background” according to Jules Bagnoli, the Stretford resident who came up with the idea. The portraits were chosen by local residents to promote people who have contributed to arts, culture, social and political change in the area. The artwork is by Barry the Boxer, installed by JackArts and funded by Trafford Housing Trust. It’s part of Culture Champions Trafford, a project led by Jessica Loveday and Friends of Stretford Hall.

Now I know some people dream about being on the big screen – how about the big wall?! Jokes aside, this is the second portrait I have had and I have not gotten used to it at all – although it is very flattering! It is also something I take as a serious responsibility as it makes me a public role model. I feel this way whether I am in a classroom environment or on screen, but when it is in the public domain I feel it particularly strongly. I could, potentially, be having an impact and influence on someone that I may never meet but who will carry my image with them. It’s a real privilege.

Thank you so much to those who selected me. I feel deeply honoured and will certainly embrace the opportunity for good! If you want to check it out you can look online or pop to Pocket Park, next to Stretford Public Hall, or have a look here:

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