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Update Six - Manchester Art Gallery x MCEP - Video Resource

:Presenter / Art challenge

Last year, Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry’s ran a virtual art club at Manchester Art Gallery. He had themes for people to explore, including portraits, and wanted to let people know that art is good for you! People used clay, paint, ink and even food! Thousands of people took part, and Grayson selected a collection of the submitted artworks to create an exhibition, on display @mcrartgallery.

This same idea was the basis for this recent commission: @vanicevictoriauk and I were asked to create an art challenge for young people being home-schooled. I was to write the chanllange and link it to my creative practice and Vanice was to produce the video. The challege I set was 'to make a portrait of someone you admire using any materials they like'. I used to be really afraid of making portraits because I thought they had to be perfect, like a photograph, but once I discovered that there are many forms of portraiture and that a portait can be more about about making an artistic representation of a person, or place. Portraits are now some of my farouite pieces to create, in fact, I love making portraits!

Who would you create a portrait of? And what techniques would you use? Let me know in the comments...

My resouce forms part of a libraray of challenges which you can explore here:

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